Virtual travels inside the world of "manual competence".

An Internet 'portal' to the world of hands-on careers where success and achievements are celebrated every day -- and accomplishments are visible, rewarding and direct benefits to society, community, neighbors, families and -- last but not least you with your pride in a life-long career!

With the ease and versatility of a hand-held video camera along to capture moments in varied journeys with site tour guide, Steve Ford - along with other friends, colleagues in the world of the skilled trades via both video and audio, the topics and interviews that accompany the multimedia here make this more aptly "radio interviews" with a video camera along for the ride.

While some segments here have been produced with a two-person crew, the freedom and flexibility of having a one-person and one-camera 'one-to-one' conversation with guests adds an  authentic dimension of genuine conversations and camaraderie.





The "one-to-one" approach here at this website is the theme for an original and rewarding manner of reaching people who are interesting to visit to learn their unique "manual competence" stories and insights to share with young people who are curious about future career paths.

In addition to instant electronic video and audio programming available here worldwide and 24 hours a day, this site also offers a true digital portal to instantly connect sound, sites and stories to celebrate the people behind the ideas, adventures and achievements of celebrated moments in building, repairing, producing, developing and fixing things for others.

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